She is docked at the Charlestown Marina, Pier 6,  1 8th Street, Charlestown, MA 02129.

Most people prefer to drive into Charlestown and pay for parking at the Marina parking garage. NOTE:  The parking garage has limited height restrictions on vehicles. Some larger pick-up trucks cannot be accommodated.  Public transportation can be utilized. Depending on the time of day it is possible to walk from North Station to the Marina, a matter of 2 miles.  

Comfortable shoes, layers of clothing, a sweatshirt, a hat and sunglasses, sunscreen, and if the weather is on the misty side, a rain jacket. NOTE:  You will possibly get splashed at some point. Be prepared. You may want to bring dry clothes in case a wave finds your lap.

Your camera, binoculars, a history guide, your acceptance of weather and water, any drinks or food you might like (in a soft cooler, space is limited), water, a towel, and if you’d like, an additional trip for the crew. If you want to make your own music, bring your voice and your instrument.

Probably not. This almost never occurs. But if this is a consideration for you please take whatever medication allows you to feel comfortable aboard the sailboat.

Accessibility is limited. Please call us directly to discuss any accommodations that you require. It may or may not be possible.

Unfortunately, we DO NOT allow any animals aboard the boat at this time. 

Yes. There is a small “head” down the slender stairs from the deck to the cabin. The bathroom is perfectly serviceable but be prepared for a few rocking gyrations as the boat slips through the water.

There is no smoking on the gangway or aboard the vessel.

No. Rain and sunshine are both likely in the summertime. Let the harbor decide what you will experience. If the weather is atrocious the Captain will postpone the trip. Your safety is critical to us. Your voyage will be rescheduled.

The Captain has the sole right to cancel the trip. Your trip will be rescheduled to the next convenient, available time.

When you are directed to Fare Harbor, our booking agent, you will need to pick a choice of gratuity amount. This is a mandatory payment. It will be added to the charter purchase price and the small processing fee.

Any cancellation requests must be made by the client with at least a 14 days notice from the charter
date and will result in the forfeiture of the 25% of the full charter fee. If the client cancels this charter agreement less than fourteen (14) days prior to the charter date, all amounts paid, including the deposit and service fees will be forfeited and retained by BHMT&S LLC. 

Please visit the link below for more information on our cancellation policy.

View CSAN Charter Agreement 2021.pdf

Click Book Now and you will be directed to Fare Harbor.