Meet Captain Don...

Captain Don has been sailing all of his life and was a commercial fisherman in Gloucester, MA. He is a USCG Licensed Master and is certified to captain a motor, towing, or sailing vessel of up to 100 tons.

The Tupelo Honey is a 31 foot traditional gaff rigged Friendship sloop which sails on the Boston Harbor. She is a Coast Guard certified replica of the 1904 Friendship sloop Dictator. The Dictator was one of the original lobster smacks that fished the coast of Maine. Ever wonder how lobstering was done before motors? Rigging was done so the sails could be back winded (stand still in the water) while pulling traps. Sails were tied down with the line and hoisted by sheer strength. Trees were cut down for masts. Captain Benoit aims to make the traditions and appreciation of classic sailing vessels of the late 1800’s available for everyone to experience and enjoy.